Brief Professional Bio

Inês F. Oliveira is an author from Portugal, where she lives by the sea with her husband and two children. She holds a master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University and committed many years to the technological field. That was before turning to words and writing. She believes words have the power to scatter light into children's eyes and insists on reading aloud with her children every night.


Long Personal Bio

I am quiet but loud inside.

I am serious on the outside and laugh aloud inside my head and heart.

I never thought of myself as someone who has something to say. But it always felt easy to feel close to what others had to share with me.


Writing is magic. It shows and transforms what travels inside us, like feelings and all the complicated things we humans grow inside. And it somehow builds a highway that guides our words into someone else’s heart. Someone that picks the words and makes them their own.

I fall in love with the small things and with the small words. Simple is the right amount for me.

When my sister and I were young, I remember admiring her tiny hand and how it fit inside mine. I never found the words to tell her how I felt before I wrote them.

Writing is a bridge. And although I always knew that, it took me a long ride to be here and present myself to you as an author.

I started writing at a young age but found a quick way to show and add value through engineering. I built my journey before returning to my first love as a child: writing. That’s because my children opened my heart to dream beyond practicalities. Or because I want to set an example. Most of all, I want my kids to be happy. I dream of them doing what they love. It’s the only way to change the world.

I hope my stories do a tiny bit for my readers as writing them does for me. I’d love my writing to allow my readers to set the stage for the small and simple things. They are essential, but we grown-ups can’t spot them too often. I hope my readers laugh and cry through my stories. And that they dream and feel empowered to be a child with all their strength and uniqueness.

I can’t teach them any more than they teach me. I have learned through the years that a child’s wisdom is infinitely greater. Why? It comes from the heart.

Can I ask my readers a favor?

Write back if you like my stories and feel my words bring us closer. And teach me everything I have to learn. The world gains magic through your eyes.

If you do write back, please know that for me, that is a dream come true. Thank you!

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