My author visits are

  • Virtual
  • About 20 to 30 minutes: include asking the author anything Or briefly discussing the history behind the book and reading the opening chapters
  • About 30 to 45 minutes: include presentation materials about the author and the book, reading together, and Q&A
  • Best from 2nd to 5th grade
  • Interactive, engaging, and fun
  • Adaptable for small or large groups
  • Customizable to the audience

Please let me know if you’d prefer an in-person local or international visit.

I look forward to meeting you and your students soon.

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"Inês’ presentation was excellent. She engaged fully with the children and answered all their questions as they arose… My children were really interested in her presentation and in finding out about the story and her chinchilla.This week, a couple of them have brought their copies to school to read in their free time.It was a really inspiring experience for them."

Jennifer KieranYear 2 Teacher

"I found it interesting and enjoyable."

Chené de FreitasYear 7 Teacher

"Thank you so much for reading to our fourth-grade class yesterday! They were all buzzing with excitement this morning, still talking about it! Some even created more questions for homework."

Emily NewcombYear 4 Teacher

About reading stories

More than loving reading for children, I love reading with them.

The moment I get their full attention, their minds travel through the words, and their world builds inside their mind. Some can’t wait to ask what’s about to happen, while some keep silent. And that means they’re reading with me too.

I have years of experience speaking in public and years of reading to my children and in their schools. I love nothing more than feeling the interaction and getting their eyes to sparkle.

There’s much more to reading with children than reading to them, and I love building a world where we can travel a story together.

Reading with children

About building hope

I wasn’t born an author, although I loved to write from a young age. Writing wasn’t even my first job.

It took me many years to risk this journey, many hours of learning, and many hard choices.

I’m an Engineer who started working as a software developer and grew to manage teams that didn’t work on developing software at all. That was until I decided I had to write.

When I speak to children, I tell them about work and perseverance. But I also talk about the possibility of choosing what they want to become at any point in their lives, no matter their background. I want them to know that anything is possible if we set our minds to it and if we’re willing to wait and put on the work.

Public Speaking
Signing the book

About being mindful

My stories speak about people and animals, but I also enjoy depicting the details of the landscape, the places, and the behaviors. It’s a chance to travel through cultures for readers and develop mindfulness for writers.

When working with children, I like to bring such details from my book. I challenge them to bring along the pieces they capture from their lives.

Besides building mindfulness, I hope we get moments of inspiration to share. Mostly, I take the time to value each one’s story. More than ever, we need to bring different perspectives to life and capture the worth of telling and listening to every story.

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